Mother Goddess, Mother Goose


Just as many of the old fairy tales have a depth of Pagan meaning, so does many of the old Mother Goose rhymes.  I was looking through some notes where I jotted down titles of rhymes from “The Real Mother Goose” when my older children were little.  I listed no less than 26 ryhmes that I felt had a Pagan meaning.  Some old nursery rhymes have games or a tune that goes along with it. I found some tunes for nursery rhymes at “Mama Lisa’s World“.  Many Mother Goose rhymes have purported historical meanings which may or may not have been proven and valid.  For someone wanting to raise their kids Pagan “old school” style, I think these are great.

Old Mother Goose

Old Mother Goose, when
She wanted to wander,
Would ride through the air
On a very fine gander.

Mother Goose had a house,
‘T was built in a wood,
Where an owl at the door
For a sentinel stood.

She had a son Jack,
A plain-looking lad;
He was not very good,
Nor yet very bad.

She sent him to market,
A live goose he bought:
“Here! mother,” says he,
“It will not go for nought.

Jack’s goose and her gander
Grew very fond;
They’d both eat together,
Or swim in one pond.

Jack found one morning,
As I have been told,
His goose had laid him
An egg of pure gold.

Jack rode to his mother,
The news for to tell.
She called him a good boy,
And said it was well.



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