It’s blackberry time!


blackbryLast week, me and baby went to the blackberry patch and found a few (mostly) ripe blackberries. We’ve walking over there about every day and we always seem to find a few- he eats them as quick as I can pick them! Yesterday, though, I found a whole handful of ripe blackberries, plus a bunch that were out of my reach. So I guess it’s officially blackberry time! Oh, they are so good!
Blessed Queen of the Brambleberries sweet!
Hail to You, Wild One of Briar, Leaf and Fruit.
In the heat of summer, You abundance bursts forth.
Your dark berries yield their precious juices in a healing elixir.
We offer you thanks and a song.
“Berries ripen slowly… on the vine… sunshine and water… over time.  Early fruit is bitter, but don’t wait for it to fall… or you may not get any at all.”


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