So how does magic work?  I believe that magic is a way of influencing energy.  Everything is made up of energy, even things that seem solid, are actually energy and are changed and influenced by everything else- much like when you put an onion in the refrigerator and after a while, other foods in the fridge start smelling/tasting like onion.
There is also that energy that keeps us all alive- the “life force”, or “spirit of life”.  You might think of this also as part of the collective subconscious- the part of the subconscious mind that is shared by a society, a people, or all of humankind.  It is the medium in which prayers and magic flow.  It is best communicated with through symbols, drama, and ritual.  The communication is reciprocated through dreams, divination, and visions.
To learn more about energy, I highly recommend the book “The Living Energy Universe” by Dr. Gary Schwartz, Linda Russek, and Paul Pearsall.


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