Ozark Rain Signs


Expect rain when-
-a dead tree limb falls when there is no wind.
-thistledown is flying on a calm, windless day.
-you see whirlwinds on a dusty path.
-mushrooms appear.
-cowbells or train whistles can be heard for long distances.
-clouds hide a sunset.
-tree toads become noisier.
-a snake crosses your path.
-dogs eat grass.
-cats sneeze.
-cattle refuse to drink water in dry weather.
-chickens fluff their feathers.
-sheep turn their backs to the wind.
-horses rub on trees or posts.
-robins sing loudly.
-flies swarm in the house.
-owls hoot in the daytime.
-a rooster crows at night.
-fish swim near the surface of the water.


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  1. Some of the signs make sense to me. I have seen rain happen after seeing those particular signs. The snake crossing my path sign doesn’t seem to work in California. A lot of snakes have crossed my path out here but we’re still dying from a drought. Maybe we need more snakes?

    I am a Reiki Master with leanings more toward Buddhism than Wicca, but I have studied Wicca in the past and share some of its beliefs. I am able to communicate with plants, so have become interested in my pagan Celtic heritage. I have written of a few “plant whisperer” experiences I have had at my blog. Come visit!

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