Folk Magic


For the most part, the magic I will be writing about here is of the folk magic variety.  Folk magic is the magic of the common people.  It is usually pretty simple, lacking any elaborate ceremony.  It has it’s roots in ancient Pagan beliefs, yet this is not always obvious, for folk magic knows no religious boundaries, and has continued to change and evolve.  For example, my mother, who was Christian, taught me a few spells that were handed down from her mother, also a Christian.  They also held many beliefs that were particularly non-Christian, but more about that later.
Historically, that is , up until around the 20th century, people associated the word “witchcraft” with practitioners of malevolent magic.  The term “white witch” is a relatively modern phenomenon.  Way back when, people known for their keen use of benevolent folk magic were called blessers, wise folk, and currens.  But more often than not, they were just common folk using everyday magic that was part of their culture…


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