Harvest Doll


harvesthomeThe following craft could be made for the fall equinox / Harvest Home ritual instead.  A lot of people like to make these for Lughnasadh/Aedrinia, though.

Craft:  Harvest Doll
For this craft project, you will need string, scissors, lots of dry, yet pliable, natural materials such as wheat stalks, straw, vines, tall grasses… use what is in your garden or growing wild near you- harvest isn’t just the yield of the cultivated garden, but of the wild world too.
If you are using wheat stalks, soak them in warm water until they bend without breaking, then pat dry with a towel. Take a long bundle of your materials and fold in the middle.  Tie a piece of string in a knot around where you’d like the neck of the doll to be.  Split the body section of the doll into three parts; the two on the outside should be smaller than the one in the middle, and they should be about equal in thickness to each other. These will become the arms. Trim and tie off at the wrists.  Tie a string in the middle section where you’d like the waist to be.
You can put braids or twists in the arms and body before tying off, adding objects that represent the harvest for you.  You can make the doll male or female, or you can make one of each.  Leave the bottom of the doll loose to represent a skirt, or divide in two and tie off at the bottom to represent legs.
When your doll is complete, set it at an honored place at your table, to be the Queen/King of your Harvest feast!


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