Creating your own spells


lock&keyIt has been said that spells are prayers with props.  One big difference between prayers and spells is the use of symbolism.  Symbolism gets the point across in profound ways- so of course I would recommend using as much symbolism as you can in the materials and in the actions you employ for magic.  Another key is to appeal to all the senses.  Most people have associations with certain colors, scents, music, etc.  So for choosing the right symbolism to go with this or that spell, I wouldn’t go by something I’ve read in a book- but by my own gut feeling. 
I have found that music and rhyme are among the most powerful tools of magic.  Songs stay with us- the tune plays over and over in our heads.  It is up to us to make the soundtrack to our advantage and not disadvantage.  How easy is it is to memorize something when set to verse- music speaks to us on a different level, and that is the level we must reach to work effective magic.
For any spell to work, emotion must be poured into it.  Concentration of emotion plays a central role in magic- it is the energy that ignites it.  Imagination also plays a key role, perhaps the most important- you must imagine, or visualize, your spell as though it has already come true.  Some say that the magic won’t work if you don’t believe.  I say that though it may help to believe, magic is magic, and if you did it right and it’s meant to be, it will work whether you believe or not.  Though after you have had many successes, believing comes automatically.


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