Miscellaneous Ozark Lore


downtownoasis~The gift of a knife will sever a friendship.
~Taking a ring off another person’s finger will result in a quarrel with that person.
~“Wash & dry together, weep & cry together.” -a saying warning against sharing towels.
~Misfortunes come in threes.
~Never look directly into a fire that is being kindled.  It will not burn properly and may bring bad luck to the entire household.
~Its bad luck to …count stars  …count vehicles in a funeral procession  …open an umbrella inside  …light three pipes from the same match  …change direction of stirring when mixing batter  …look at the moon over your left shoulder  …whirl a chair on one leg  …find a black button or spoon in the road (people lose these intentionally to get rid of bad luck)   …let a post or tree pass between you and the person you’re walking with (there’s an easy spell to counteract it; just say “bread and butter” or “salt and pepper”.)


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  1. Oh sure! The Ozarks and the Appalachians are kissin cousins. A lot of the early settlers of the Ozarks were from the Southern Appalachians.

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