day to day magic


If you are like me, you rarely have the need for an outright “spell”.  Life usually runs pretty smoothly.  But magic should not be saved just for special occasions or unusual circumstances.  Anyone could use a little boost from some positive magic, and if for no other reason, just to keep “in practice”, or “in touch“ with magic.  Here are just a few ideas to infuse magic into everyday life:
*Go about your daily routine with magical intent.  For example, while showering, imagine that you are not only washing away dirt, but also anything you want out of your life.  If you apply body lotion or fragrance, infuse these with positive qualities you would like to gain (figuratively, through visualizing,  but you can also use herbal preparations- more about that later).  You can do this with any task; housecleaning, cooking, eating, etc.  The possibilities are endless!
*Take advantage of “zoning out” moods to scry in glass, water, fire, smoke, clouds, wood, etc. (To scry is to stare at something and let your eyes unfocus until you’re “in the zone” and you see signs or omens in the object.) 
 *Keep a magical mindset.  To me, this means… acting on intuition, communing with nature, singing Pagan songs an chants (either aloud or humming along to the soundtrack in my head), doing something spontaneous and fun knowing that anything is possible, and just contemplating and basking in the mystery and wonder of it all…


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  1. These are all great ideas. I need to keep these in mind. I especially like the “zoning out” practice. I will have to remember to try that the next time I have some free time. Thanks!

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