Making a Treasure Box


When you were a kid you may remember making a treasure box by gluing different pasta shapes onto an old cigar box then painting the whole thing silver.  That’s what this project kind of reminds me of because it’s silver and has raised designs- only this has way cooler designs, looks “antiqued”.
You’ll need:
*a box with a (preferably hinged) lid
*aluminum foil
*lightweight cardboard
*thick string/yarn
*black glossy paint, and
*glue (spray-on adhesive might make this project easier)
First, paint the inside of the box and let it dry.  Next, draw whatever symbols you want to go on your box on the cardboard, and cut them out.  Glue the shapes onto the box where you want them to be.  Directly onto the box, draw the details of your design; lines, circles, spirals, scrolling, etc.  Brush (or spray) with glue and lay lengths of string  onto the pattern and press in place.  Remove the hinges and the closure of the box.  Tear off a piece of aluminum foil the length and width of the lid.  Crumple it, then flatten it out lightly without smoothing it too much.  Brush (or spray) the entire outside of the box with glue.  Press the foil onto the box, carefully pressing down around the raised patterns.  Continue until the box lid is completely covered, overlapping the edges on the bottom of the box lid and trimming the edges.  Repeat the same process with the bottom of the box.  Let the glue dry then brush with the glossy black paint.  When the paint is just dry, use a soft cloth to remove the surface paint, leaving small amounts of paint in all the little creases.  You can seal it with varnish if you like.  Replace closure and hinges.


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