On Superstitions


The very basis of superstitions is the belief in the connections or relationships between things- interconnectedness.  Every action has a reaction and everything effects everything else.  This is the basis of magic and a fundamental cornerstone to modern Pagan thinking.  Many superstitions cannot be proved nor disproved- the fact that we don’t know about a hidden connection doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Some superstitions are remnants of ancient Pagan beliefs.  Others are intended simply to convey useful lessons.  Some superstitions seem to be designed to suppress earlier belief systems, and still others seem to make no sense at all. 
My mom was very superstitious.  I find that the superstitions I was brought up on made more of an impact on me than the ones I heard about after I was grown.  Things we learn as children leave a deeper imprint on us- and if the subconscious believes it, on some level it is true. 
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur Clark


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