Ceromancy (divination by wax) is one of my favorite forms of divination.  There are several different ways to use ceromancy.  People used to just observe the way wax melted down the side of a candle.  But ceromancy is most often used by dropping melted wax into water, either by holding a lit candle sideways over water, or melting a spoonful of wax and pouring it into water.  I use the latter method, using broken up pieces of candle drippings that I have saved up.  I fill an old spoon with this wax pieces and hold it over a candle flame until just melted, then I pour it into a bowl of water.  Similar to tea-leaf or cloud reading, you look for a picture or symbol to divine the future.  There are lists of proscribed meanings and symbols/pictures you are supposed to look for, but I never consult these.  I prefer to use my own intuition.  An advantage of this type of divination, is that if you’re careful, you can save the wax image that was created if you want to.  I generally use white wax, but if you have a specific subject you are divining for, you could use a color of wax that you associate with that subject, for example, red for love, green for money, etc.



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