generally awesome music for kids


Earlier this week in a post about Pagan parenting, I mentioned a couple of CDs- 

The music listed above isn’t specifically Pagan, but conveys a sense of culture and identity- and they keep some important traditional songs alive.  Here are some more favorites- some of them specifically Pagan or Pagan-ish, others just cool,  folksy, or just plain awesome…

  • “Mother Earth, We Sing to You” by Squirrel- we had this Wiccan kids’ music cassette when my teenagers were little.  Sadly, I think it’s unavailable now.  It was pretty cheesy, but pretty cool too.  It had a Pagan birthday song, songs for all the holidays, and a child’s ‘Charge of the Goddess’ in song (which is beautiful- I sang it as a Goddess invocation at a friend’s Blessing-way).  
  • Two Hands Hold the Earth” by Sarah Pirtle- a modern “Pagan-ish” classic.  The song “My Roots Go Down” is a great grounding song for kids.
  • Circle Round and Sing” by Anne Hill is a companion CD to the book “Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions” by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill.  There are so many wonderful songs on this CD.  “Fur and Feathers” is a wonderful song to celebrate and commemorate the lives of animals.  There are several songs/chants on here for the holidays.
  • Camels, Cats & Rainbows” by Paul Strausman- these are just some really cool songs.  They’re not especially Pagan-ish, but have really good ‘vibes’.

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