Foraging in Autumn


According to Billy Joe Tatum, these are some of the wild edibles we may find in the autumn of the year: acorn, amaranth, Bee balm, Black cherry, Black haw, Black walnut, Butternut, Chickweed, Chickory, Chinquapin, Chives, Dandelion, Day Lily, Dittany, Dock, Elderberry, Garlic, Grape, Ground cherry, Hickory nut, Huckleberry, Jerusalem artichoke, lamb’s quarters (seed), Mint, a variety of mushrooms, Mustard (seeds), Pawpaw, Pecan, Persimmon (after the first frost), Prickly pear fruit, Purslane, Raspberry, Sassafras, Sumac, Sweet goldenrod, Violet, Watercress, Wild ginger, Wild plum, Wild rice, Wild rose hips, Winter cress, Wood sorrel, and Yucca.

I have foraged (or “wild crafted”) a few of these myself at one time or another.  September is “nutting time”, and there are several nut trees just a few steps from my door.  I think I got most of the pawpaws from the small pawpaw patch that I found.  As for dock, I didn’t know it was still good to pick after the seed heads turned brown, hmmm.  Perhaps if they were cut down by the ditch mowers and new leaves popped up?  Some of these other items I’m going to have to go hunting for.


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