Countdown to Samhain – a holiday planner


October 1st – 7th

  • Set up an ancestor shrine.  (Add objects to shrine as the month progresses.)
  • Obtain charms for Barm Brack (a ring, a coin, a stick, a pea, and a thimble), as well as any other supplies needed for Samhain crafts.

October 8th – 14th

  • Plan Samhain feast and make a grocery list.
  • Make costumes for kids (or help them make their own).

October 15th – 21st

  • Firm up ritual plans, if you haven’t already. Will you be attending a festival, local event, a family event, or doing something on your own? If you are planning the ritual, decide on location and script/liturgy.
  • Carve turnips and/or pumpkins.
  • Make treat bags for trick-or-treaters.

October 22nd – 28th

  • Do food shopping for Samhain feast & treats.
  • Make sugar skulls and decorate with icing.
  • Make popcorn balls and caramel apples.

October 30th

  • Bake Barm Brack and any other dishes for the Samhain feast that can be made ahead.

October 31st

  • Visit graves of loved ones and ancestors, if possible.
  • Cook the Samhain feast.  (Keep warm in crock pots for later in the night.)
  • Light candles on ancestor shrine at dusk.
  • Treat the trick-or-treaters (or take kids trick-or-treating).
  • Observe ritual and have feast.



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