crafting some costume stuff


Papier-mâché Caps 
large balloon
flour paste*
Blow up the balloon to the size of your head.  Tear newspaper into narrow strips and dip in them into the paste.  Gently squeegee off the excess paste with your fingers and mold onto the balloon in the shape of a cap.  Build up several layers (3 to 5) and let dry for a day or two, then pop the balloon.  Now you have the basis of many kinds of hat that are based on a cap shape.  You can glue on cardboard mouse ears or papier-mâché horns.  You can make the hat a beanie or glue on a cardboard brim for a bowler or derby hat.  Paint it and add trim.

*Flour Paste: two parts flour and three parts water.  For a batch that will last through a couple hours work, mix 1 cup flour with 1 ½ cups water.  The mixture should be thick as soupy.  Some recipes say to add oil of cloves or peppermint as a preservative, but you can add a couple spoons of salt instead to help keep the mixture from growing mold.

Papier-mâché Masks
aluminum foil
flour paste
You make this mask using a face as the mold.  Tear off a piece of aluminum foil at least twice as long as the subject’s face and fold it in half. Use the subject’s face as a mold by gently pressing the double layer of foil over it.  Wad up newspaper and place it inside the curved section of the foil mold and lay it on your work surface- this will help it hold it‘s shape when you layer of the papier-mâché.  Gently layer strips of newspaper dipped in flour paste as for the papier-mâché caps.  Be careful not to press down too hard, or the mask will lose it’s shape.  Build up four or five layers and let dry.  Cut out eye holes, nose holes, and holes on the sides to add string to tie it on.  Paint and decorate how you like.

Homemade Face Make Up
1 teaspoon cornstarch 
½ teaspoon cold cream
food coloring

Stir together starch and cold cream until well blended then add food coloring.
Add a few drops of water, if mixture is too thick. 

Goop (or Monster Slime)
½ cup cornstarch
½ cup water
Food coloring (optional)
Mix together ingredients.  Store in an airtight container.  Aside from being just good and squishy tactile play-stuff, this can also be used as monster makeup; tinted red and spread out on the skin, it can look like raw flesh wounds, tinted yellow-green it can look like pus or mucus.

Edible Fake Blood
corn syrup or honey
cocoa powder
red food coloring

Mix ingredients in a bowl, experimenting with quantities until you have a realistic looking fake blood.


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