My Favorite Yule Crafts


I love decorating my home for the holidays, and I love crafting the decorations.
Here are a few of my favorite Yule crafts:

– Straw Julbock ornaments.  Julbock is the Yule goat.  It is that same goat that pulls the chariot of the great god Thor through the skies.

– Paper crafts!
(Using mostly scrap paper and junk-mail, of course.)  Remember all the fun of making paper chains and paper snowflakes as a kid?  It’s still fun!

paper sun faces

I’ve discovered a great twist on the paper snowflakes idea, though.  I use the same technique to make paper suns!  Use sun colored squares of tissue paper (instead of the white that you would use for snowflakes), fold as you would for making paper snowflakes, but concentrate your cut-outs on the outer edge and leave the inside uncut for making a sun-face.  Also, think of making sun-ray shapes when cutting your designs.  To make the face, unfold paper until it’s just folded once.  Cut a little triangle in the center for a nose.  Below this, cut a little curved triangle for a mouth.  The eyes can be a little more complicated.  Try this; with the paper still folded once, fold the top edge over at an angle to where you want the eyes to be and cut a little notch out of this new fold.  Tape your paper sun faces in a bright window!

If you have a lot of leftover scrap of wrapping paper, try making sunbursts!  (I know the article in the link calls them “starbursts”, but this is for Solstice, not “star-stice”…)  These are so pretty when made with shimmery gold paper.

-“Re-purposing” or “serendipity” crafts-
One example of this is the Madonna and child figurine I painted to depict Mother Night and Child Sun.  The little sun crown on the baby’s head is made of clay and I like the effect of draping a translucent black scarf around the figure.

I take those little straw angels that can be found in department stores and I cut the string that binds their hands in a praying position.  I then position their arms above their heads and glue a small sun symbol onto them.  I once found a bag of large metallic confetti suns that was great for this.

And last but not least, these are some stenciled ornaments that I made many years ago.  I simply cut out some circles from cardboard and used a stencil to trace a sunface on the front and back of each and used burgundy and gold craft paint to make reverse images on front and back.  Then I glued glitter on the edge and a ribbon for hanging.


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