My Winter Solstice Playlist


1. The Christians and the Pagans – Dar Williams
2. Solstice Song – Leah Salomaa
3. Stag Lord and Queen – Dolmen
4. The Arrival of the Wren Boys – The Chieftains
5. The Dingle Set: Dance – The Chieftains
6. Winter Solstice Night – Dolmen
7. Weathercock – Jethro Tull
8. Golden Sickle Sunrise – Dolmen
9. Firedance – Jaiya
10.The Oak and Holly Kings – Dolmen
11.Dance to Your Shadow – Jaiya
12.Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow – Jethro Tull
13.Yule is Come – Jaiya
14.Holly and Mistletoe – Dolmen
15.The Farewell: Piper Throught the Meadow Strayed – The Chieftains
16.The Year is Born Anew – Jaiya
17.Frosty Solstice Morn – Dolmen
18.Solus (Light) – Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill
19.Light is Returning – Charlie Murphy and Jamie Sieber
20.Ring Out Solstice Bells – Jethro Tull


I’ve also been listening to “This Winter’s Night” by MotherTongue- on tape.  For some crazy reason I can’t find it on CD or a download.  This recording has the best ever rendition of “Carole of the Bells” that I have ever heard- accompanied by drums!  Other great tracks from the MotherTongue recording include; “Abbots Bromley Horn Dance/ This Longest Night”, and the serenely beautiful “Winter Solstice Sunrise”.


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  1. Hey Tressa, thanks for putting this list up. I was listening to the radio
    last night and wondered if there were any songs to counteract a lot of the traditional christmas music out there. Thank you for making this blog, I have learned a lot and have told folks about you on the Pagan homeschool groups that I am on.

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