A Family Imbolc Ritual (ADF style)


This is an indoor ritual- read “preparing for an indoor ritual” for a list of basic ritual supplies and explanations of ADF style liturgy. Advance preparations: clean and bless house and put up Bríde’s crosses above openings to the home. Make sure all Yule decorations are cleared/packed away (or if they were real greenery- burnt).

Additional supplies needed for this ritual:
~a Bríde’s Girdle,
~Bríde doll & basket with wand,
~have the basket for the Bríde doll on the ledge of the hearth or on the altar (and have someone designated to bring her in and place her in the basket after her invocation),
~white candles- one for each participant,
~non-alcoholic milk punch or mead are good choices for the blessing cup.

Beginning the Rite:
Purification: All pass through Bríde’s Girdle, after which someone anoints all with water on the forehead, hands, and feet.
A bell is chimed to signify the beginning of ritual.
Statement of Purpose  “We gather now as our ancestors did, to worship the Old Ones and commemorate the turning seasons of the year. It is the time of Imbolc. Away goes the hatchling mother of the cold. New life stirs in the belly of Mother Earth. We have purified our home and have made ready for welcoming the great goddess Bríde.”
Honoring the Earth Mother  “We begin by honoring the Earth Mother, sacred, ancient…” (All bend and touch the floor. An offering is made.) “We pray for your blessings and may you uphold this rite.”

Triple Center
: chant the Portal Song while lighting a hearth fire or candle and making offerings to each of the hallows.  Do the Two Powers Meditation
then acknowledge the Three Realms: “As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be, we stand at the center of Land, Sky, and Sea.”
Opening the Gates  “By the bright magic of the Fire, by the deep magic of the Well, and by the World Tree that connects us all, Mannanan, accept our offerings and let the gates be opened.”

Inviting and offering to the Three Kindreds
“To our Ancestors, we give offering and welcome. To the Nature Spirits, we give offering and welcome. To our Deities, we give offering and welcome. Kindred Three, join with us as we honor the turning of the seasons to the time of Imbolc. May you bless and uphold our rite.”
chant: Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe

Candles are passed around, then a flame is passed around lighting handheld candles.

Inviting and Offering to Bríde
“We are calling upon Bríde- Queen of the Hearth and Flame,
Midwife and healer, Poet and Seer, Lady of the Mantles…”

“Bríde, Bríde, come thou in, thy bed is made.”

“Let Bríde come in, Bríde is welcome.”

The Bríde doll and wand are brought in and placed in the basket. All proceed to come to the hearth/altar to place their candles around and about the basket and give offerings.

Final Offerings and Prayer of Offering
Now is the time for personal offerings and praise offerings (songs, poetry, etc.).
Final offerings- give what is left of your offerings- you may choose to save one last thing for right after the prayer of offering.
“Kindred Three, may you accept our offerings. Gentle Bríde, we have welcomed you on your blessed day, may you accept our offerings, and may we always be under your mantle.”

Seer takes omen (by his/her preferred method) to determine the family’s blessings for the coming season, and shares results.

Calling for the Blessings:
“Bright Bríde, Kindred Three, we have given you offering, now we ask for your blessing…we ask for ______… Kindred, bless us with ______ as we drink from the blessing cup! Behold, the waters of life!”
ALL: “Behold, the waters of life!”
While the blessing cup is being dispensed/drank, all chant:
Pour the Waters (first verse)

Workings, if any

Thanking the Spirits (Call & Response)
“Let us give thanks to the Spirits of our rite.”
“Gentle Bríde, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“Kindred Three, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“The Hallows of Fire, Well and Tree, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“Realms of Earth, Sky, and Sea, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“Mother Earth, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“Mannanan, Gatekeeper, we thank you.”
All: “We thank you.”
“And may the gates of the worlds be closed. Our rite is at an end.”
All: “As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be.”
~Ring a bell three times.

A Family Imbolc Ritual - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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  1. That is beautiful. I’ve been a solitary ecclectic witch for 12 years,
    however the most powerful, moving profound ritual I have ever ever

    experienced was when I went to Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, PA and they had the ADF druids from Baltimore there. The ritual moved me so much I cried. There was so much power and so much love. I am interested in joining ADF how do i do it? I am in SW Missouri btw

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