Ozark Love Charms/Magic


With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought I’d post a bit on what I know of traditional Ozark love magic. However, dear readers, I must also include a word of caution concerning love spells- they usually come back to bite you in the ass. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Various charms:
~A peach pit or cherry stone would be carved with initials or symbols and would sometimes contain a bit of specially made pink soap. This charm is worn on a necklace or garter.
~Orrisroot, worn around the neck, is another love charm.
~Wasps’ nests would be pinned to undergarments to attract men.
~A man’s hatband, secretly taken from him, and made into a garter, works as a love charm on the original owner of the hatband.
~Yellow garters are attraction charms and make a lover faithful. However, they are not to be worn by a married woman unless she is interested in another man.
~When my dad was growing up, young women would tie strips of their clothing (in particular, a torn off piece of undergarment, like a slip) to the branch of a pawpaw tree as a love charm.
~I’m not sure why, but one item of lore says to place dried turkey bones about the room to make someone you’re meeting there fall in love with you.

Ozark Aphrodisiacs:
Yarrow, lady slipper roots, dodder/love vine/angel’s hair, moccasin flower roots, and the leaves and stems of mistletoe were all considered “love medicine” a few generations ago in the Ozarks.

The Love Cure
So lets say despite all warnings, you tried a love spell and were successful- only to realize later that it was a mistake- you don’t much like this person after all. Or perhaps you have an unwanted suitor through no effort on your part. Don’t worry, just serve him/her a bowl of turnips and s/he will fall out of love with you.


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