Old-timey Ozarks Beauty Treatments and Lore


~For rough skin and pimples, wash in dew, dew and buttermilk, or honey and buttermilk.
~Washing in Mayday rainwater clears up muddy complexions.
~To lighten skin, apply fresh tomato juice, or cucumber pulp scrub before going to bed.
~In addition to being a spring tonic, sassafras tea can be used as a rinse for the complexion.
~The best time for getting ears pierced is when the peach trees are in bloom, to avoid infection.

~Wild cherry bark, wild grape vine sap, and sage act as hair tonic/restorer, and sage also colors hair.
~Peach tree leaf tea with sulfur can cure dandruff.
~Flaxseed steeped in hot water can be used as a curling fluid.
~If you place a lock of your hair under a rock in a running stream, your hair will be glossy and attractive.
~For beautiful hair, bury a twist of it under a white walnut tree in the light of the moon.
~It is better to wait until hair is dry to comb it.  When it is wet, only untangle it with a wide-toothed comb.
~It is better to comb hair in natural light.
~Combing one’s hair after dark will cause the loss of memory or passion.  The saying goes: “Comb hair after dark, comb sorrow into you old man’s heart.”


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