My Imbolc Playlist


1. Way to the Well – Ruth Barrett (The Year is a Dancing Woman)

2. The Wild Song – Anúna (Selected II 1987-2017)

3. Imbolc Song – S.J. Tucker

4. Hallaig – Martyn Bennett (Bothy Culture)

5. Rise Up O Flame – Libana (Fire Within)

6. Welcome Brid – Beverly Frederick

7. Candlemas Song – Lisa Thiel (Songs of Healing)

8. Return to the Mother – Reclaiming (Chants: Ritual Music)

9. Born of Water – Lila (Return of the Goddess)

10. The Quickening – Spiral Dance (The Quickening)

11. Song to Brighid – Lisa Thiel (Song for my Ancestors)

12. Shine – Dolly Parton (Little Sparrow)

13. Brighid – Kellianna (Lady Moon)

14. The Rising of the Sun – Anúna (Selected II 1987-2017)

15. The Well – Woodland (Heritage)

16. Imbolc – Lisa Thiel (Circle of the Seasons)

17. Holy Well & Sacred Flame – Beverly Frederick

18. Shining Water – Anúna (Selected II 1987-2017)

19. The Dove’s Return – Aine Minogue (Winter: A Meditation)

20. Gabhain Molta Bhride – Claire Roche (Songs from the Harp Room)

21. Deeper Well – Wailin’ Jennys (Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House)

22. Brighid’s Kiss – La Lugh (Senex Puer)

You can listen to them all on one playlist here.

Imbolc Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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  1. Many of them, yes. Most of the highlighted ones have an imbedded link to a youtube video for them which may contain more info like what CD they are from, etc. The Beverly Frederick songs on the list are from “Through the Darkness” and may be out of print- I have it on cassette. The Jennifer Reif song is also from an old cassette I have called “Mysteries of Earth”.

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