Ice/Snow Candles


Something I like to do (with the kids, especially) in the days leading up to (and after) Imbolc is making candles for use during the rest of the year.  We save old candle stubs and pieces of wax all year long for this.  It is especially fun to make candles when there is a lot of snow on the ground, because we can make snow candles!  These are also called lace candles, because the finished appearance.  You can use cubes of ice from your freezer to make these as well, but the results may look a bit more like Swiss cheese than lace.

For a candle mold, you can use a milk carton or a frozen concentrated juice container.  For the wick, use a (new or used) taper candle and fix it to the center bottom with a bit of melted wax.
*Safety Precautions:  NEVER put wax directly over a heat source.  Monitor melting wax closely.
Put wax pieces in an empty can and place in a pan of water to heat on low.  You can add bits of crayon to get the color you want.  When the wax is melted, have the kids go out end place snow (and perhaps, chunks of ice) in the candle mold around the taper candle.  Pour in the wax.  When the wax is hardened, peel off the mold and turn the candle around to drain the melted snow and ice.


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