My Bealtaine Playlist


My Bealtaine playlist is a mixture of old and new songs.  Numbers 1 and 8 are variations on the same song, I believe, very traditional and sung in Gaeilege (Irish Gaelic).

1. Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn – Wolfe Tones (As Gaeilege)

2. Flowering Earth – Ani Williams & Lisa Thiel (Sisters of the Dream)

3. The Wild Mountain Thyme – The Corries (Silver collection)

4. Weaving the Summer – Spiral Dance (The Quickening)

5. The Pretty Maid – Clannad (Clannad)

6. Round the Tree of Life We Go – Beverly Frederick (Through the Darkness)

7. Padstow – Steeleye Span (Another Parcel of Steeleye Span)

8. Bealtaine Song – La Lugh (Brighid’s Kiss)

9. Faery Song – Lisa Thiel (Invocation of the Graces)

10. Hal-An-Tow – The Watersons (Frost and Fire)

11. Magic in the Air – Jennifer Reif (Mysteries of Earth)

12. Staines Morris – Shirley Collins (Within Sound disk3)

13. Maypole – Paul Giovanni (The Wicker Man)

14. Faery Queen Invocation – Beverly Frederick (Through the Darkness)

15. Beltane Fires – Gaia Consort (Secret Voices)

16. Sumer Is Icumen In – Circulus (Thought Becomes Reality)

17. Mating Dance / Beltane – Jenna Greene (Crossroads)

18. Tine Bealtaine – Omnia (Pagan Folk)

19. Beltane Fires – Oxymora (Thundering Silence)

20. June Hymn – The Decemberists

21. Cup of Wonder – Jethro Tull (Songs from the Woods)

Bealtaine Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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