My Portable Ritual Kit


portable ritual kit

What’s in it, clockwise from the top:

1. Fire-pot (I used a ‘decorative’ copper cauldron from a thrift store.)
2. a piece of egg carton fire starter (I have replaced this with commercial firestarter, see below.)
3. matches
4. small cauldron (Yes, that’s a “salsa cauldron”.)
5. silver ring (You can also use a piece of silver or a silver coin .)
6. divination method (like ogham or runes)
7. drinking cup (Yes, that’s a pudding cup.)
8. offerings (I have here; oats and cornmeal each in ‘snack-size’ ziplock bags, and a small bottle of oil, all in one drawstring pouch.)

So I put all the items in the fire-pot, small cauldron last, turned upside down, and tie it all up in a drawstring bag and add it to my backpack along with a bottle of water and a small towel or rag for cleanup. You don’t want too big of a fire for a short solitary ritual, but you might want enough of a fire to burn small grain offerings. The first time I used this, I packed a piece of egg carton firestarter and it created a lot of smoke. So you might want to use a small broken off chunk of commercial firestarter instead; its smokeless and environmentally friendly. If you’re not going to be burning offerings, you could even go with a tealight candle. The tall sides of the firepot will shield the flame from wind. If you were to create a bigger fire in your firepot, you would also need to let the fire burn itself out and the pot cool down before packing up and moving on, and a small fire will burn out faster, or can just be puffed out or snuffed out with a rock. When choosing a good place for the ritual, I look to the trees and find one that I particularly resonate with. It’s nice to find a flat rock to use as an altar, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

If you are not familiar with ADF-style Druid rituals, you may be wondering what some of this stuff is for. The central focus of ADF rituals is the Triple Center of Fire, Well, and Tree. The first three items on the list are for constructing the sacred Fire. The cauldron, in which I pour water from the water bottle when setting up the altar, represents the Well. The silver is the offering to the well. Divination is used in most Druid rituals. The drinking cup is for the “return blessing” portion of the ritual (for this I use more of the water from the water bottle- I bring a full bottle, for I also use some of this water for pre-ritual purification.). And offerings are an essential part of Druid ritual as well. It’s nice to have a variety of offerings; something different to offer each power. Dry offerings like oats and cornmeal are lightweight and portable. You might want to make the offerings an item that you put in the kit at the last minute, rather than storing with the kit, to avoid items going rancid in storage. Another alternative is using incense. In fact, I plan on adding juniper incense to my kit for pre-ritual purification and for offering to the Tree.

To learn how to make an even smaller kit see fiacharrey’s pocket ritual kit youtube video.


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