Spiritual Exercises : Three Old Favorites


I’ve been working on the ADF Dedicant Program and part of it is using various forms of meditation on a regular basis and documenting the effects. I use the Two Powers meditation a lot. I’m really into guided meditations that I can memorize instead of record and play back. That way I can do them anytime. Guided meditations give me more structure to focus than stillness meditation, though I need to do those too. I was thinking about some of the guided meditations that I used way back in the day when I was Wiccan, wondering if they were relevant to a Celtic/Druid cosmology. Many of them certainly were of value to me then, and I think I would benefit from them now. However, I consider these more in the category of supplemental spiritual exercises rather than meditative practices.

So what I’ve done is I’ve taken three of my old favorites that I learned from an online course and changed the theme a little bit to give them, what I consider, a deeper meaning. For example, I simply changed the wording of a “clearing and releasing” exercise to acknowledge Danu as the source of the waters, and in so doing, I feel I have greatly increased it’s meaning and spiritual value. It’s purpose is to help you release tensions and to make you feel spiritually refreshed. I’ve read that the Druids of old bathed in rivers for spiritual purposes, just as Hindus today bathe in the Ganges. The Amber Energy exercise was originally called “the pearl”, but I found it hard to reason why the inside of a pearl would have honey or amber energy. I like the imagery of an amber egg- it makes me think of the legends of the druids’ egg. But if this imagery just seems too silly because it makes you think of someone cracking an egg over their head, then you might want to imagine the egg as a ball of amber instead. Amber energy is soothing and enriching. Celestial energy is invigorating and refreshing. I added the well imagery to the original wording. You may find it interest to reflect on and connect sky energy and well energy. Try the celestial energy meditation some time with warm golden stellar energy instead of silver.

The Waters of Danu (a clearing and releasing exercise)
Relax your body and be at peace. Imagine you are standing under a waterfall that is the source of a great and sacred river. The Waters of Heaven, the Waters of Danu are washing over you, pouring down into your head and coursing through you, and leaving through the souls of your feet. The waters take with them all tension, stress and anxiety. All negativity is washed away like dry leaves and debris in the flowing current. Let the water flow until all the debris is gone and only clear pure water flows down. Then let the water flow out and be gone.
Give thanks to Mother Danu for cleansing your spirit.

Amber Energy
Hold out your hands in front of you, palms together. Pull them apart slowly. As you do this, imagine translucent amber colored energy in the shape of an egg forming in your hands. The soft shell outer layer forms and is iridescent. The egg is warm and glowing with honey thick energy on the inside. Lift the amber egg above and down over the top of your head. As it comes over the top of your head, it ruptures, and the thick, rich, honey-colored amber energy pours into your body. Visualize the honey-colored energy flowing into your body, soothing, coating, and enriching where it goes.

Celestial Energy
Imagine before you a well. It is night-time and you look down into the well and see the stars reflected there. Drawn to their energy, you dip both hands down into the well. Your hands grasp the sides of an energy ball, cool to the touch, from the surface of the water.  Inside the ball are thousands of tiny dots of sparkling swirling silver lights. This is stellar energy whirling in constant spinning and spiraling motion. You lift the ball up and lower it over your head. The ball floats down to rest at your heart. The outer layer of the ball disappears and releases this celestial energy to expand and fill your body, energizing all parts of your spirit and body with cool stellar light. At last, the remaining celestial energy leaves through the top of your head, back to their home in the sky.


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