My Midsummer Playlist


1. Solstice Call – Gaia Consort (Evolve)

2. Sun Arise – Rolf Harris (Can You Tell What It Is Yet?)

3. Rise With the Fire – Reclaiming (Chants: Ritual Music)

4. Summer Solstice – Libana (Night Passage: Invocations for the Journey)

5. Sacred Fire – Denean (Fire Prayer)

6. Firebird’s Child – S.J. Tucker (Blessings)

7. Sister Sunshine – Omnia (Wolf Love)

8. Dancing at Whitsun – Maddy Prior & Tim Hart (Heydays)

9. Litha – Lisa Thiel (Circle of the Seasons)

10. Fire Leap – Magnet (The Wicker Man – Original Soundtrack Recording)

11. Rosebud in June – Steeleye Span (Below the Salt)

12. Anthem to the Sun – Deborah & Rick Hamouris (Welcome to Annwfn)

13. Midnight Sun – Strawbs (Hero and Heroine)

14. The Hills They Are Hollow – Damh the Bard (The Hills They Are Hollow)

15. Don’t Carry It All – The Decemberists (The King is Dead)

16. Summer Solstice Song – Kendalin (Opening)

17. Follow the Sun – Xavier Rudd (Spirit Bird)

18. Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder (Into the Wild)

19. Sunny – Bobby Hebb (Sunny)

20. Infinite Sun – Kula Shaker (K2.0)

21. Song for Summer Solstice – Libby Roderick (Thinking Like a Mountain)

22. Let My Eye Go To The Sun – Parnassus (First Degree)

You can listen to them all on one playlist here.

Midsummer Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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