Druid Prayer Beads


Druid Prayer Beads

A while back I was wondering if anyone has ever come up with a modern day Celtic “mantra”.  I did a Google search and didn’t exactly find what I was looking for, but what I did find was a CD called “Celtic Mantras” by Sarva-Antah. I listened to the song from the CD titled “Prayer for Your Druid Beads“.  I really liked it because it contains very nice prayers to the Three Kindreds.

I liked it so much that I decided to make some prayer beads and use the song as a weekly devotional.  I had been wanting to make a Celtic rosary a while back but I couldn’t figure out what prayers I wanted to use. So I was very pleased to find this. But I couldn’t make out all the lyrics from listening, and came up with nothing in searching with Google.

So I decided I’d look at Druidic prayer bead designs and figure out the lyrics later.  So I searched “Druid prayer beads” and I found  “Three Kindreds Prayer Beads, A Druid Devotional“. Those were the prayers used in that beautiful song, and instructions to make the Druid beads from the website “Celtic Prayer Book”.  What a nice surprise!

I didn’t construct mine exactly as the instructions described, however.  I didn’t use the opening and concluding prayer either. I designed mine to be more in line with ADF Druid cosmology, with additional beads, bits of ADF and such, though it doesn’t quite have all the items from the ADF “core order of ritual”.

These are the beads I used:
9 (8mm) obsidian beads for the Ancestors (Mighty Ones)
9 (8mm) jade beads for the Nature Spirits (Noble Ones)
9 (8mm) amethyst beads for the Gods & Goddesses (Shining Ones)
4 large spiral beads (3 to introduce each set above, and 1 for a final Kindreds blessing)
1 triskele bead for the Sacred Center of Fire, Well, and Tree (I couldn‘t find a triskele rosary center, so I wired three spiral charms together.)
1 earth-tone stone bead for Realm of Land
1 sea-green stone bead for Realm of Sea
1 blue and white stone star bead for the realm of Sky
1 tree pendant

druid beads sketchAnd these are the prayers:
1. Tree – On the tree pendant I do a Tree of Life/ Two Powers meditation

2. Land – On the earth-tone stone bead, I say “The holy Land supports me.”

3. Sea – On the sea-green stone bead, I say “The primal Sea surrounds me.”

4. Sky – On the blue & White star-shaped stone bead, I say “The shining Sky ever arches above me.”

5. Sacred Center – On the triskelle I say,
“Fire, Well, and Sacred Tree,

flow and flame and grow in me.
Gatekeeper, walker of the ways between,
may the gates between the worlds be open.”

6. – 11. For the main body of the set, I use the prayers from “Three Kindreds Prayer Beads, A Druid Devotional“, leaving out the first and last paragraphs. (My spiral beads correspond to their “sun beads”.) The three main Kindreds prayers are the ones that are in the song.

12. On the last spiral bead I say, “I bind unto myself today
The Love, Guidance, and blessings of the Three Kindreds.”

13. Which brings me back to the Sacred Center, where I say, “Thanks be to the Kindreds. O Gatekeeper, may the gates of the worlds be closed.”

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  1. I have been toying with the idea of making prayer beads for a very long time now never quite deciding on what to include. I finally found your version and I love it. you have inspired me to finally complete my own design. Though its will be similar to yours it will not be quite the same.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart…the hours I’ve spent on this are long!

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  3. hello Tressabelle

    I’m so glad to find your great blog. I come from France and my english is particular ^^. I have a lot of work to read all your posts … I wish create a celtic rosary dedicated to trees and I find you. I undestand now how I can do and listen my soul to guide me.
    Thank you very much sincerely
    Have a nice day

  4. Nice post about the prayer beads. I also liked the fact that you have the depiction of the current moon phase. I would like to add something similar to my blog. Do you know where I can find one? Thanks.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I think if you click the picture of the moon phase, it will go to a website where you can get it added to your blog.

  5. I love that you included a link to the actual prayers for these I’m including a link to my finished product as well thank you so much for your informed instructions you’re so right about not being able to find much information on Google on this topic. I hope you like my end results I adjusted mine a little different too. I’m going to be making many more now!
    Blessed Be and thank you


    • Thanks, Race. I believe someone has taken up making these, or ones similar, since I posted this 6 years ago. I think they sell them on etsy or a similar website.

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