My Yule Playlist


1. Deck the Halls – Smithfield Fair (The Winter Kirk)

2. Santa Claus is Pagan Too – Emerald Rose (Four Fat Dads)

3. Mistletoe Bough – Steeleye Span (Winter)

4. Sister Winter – Sufjan Stevens (Songs for Christmas)

5. Sun Queen – Silver on the Tree (Morning Glory)

6. Solstice Evergreen – Spiral Dance

7. Firedance – Jaiya (Firedance: Songs for the Winter Solstice)

8. Frosty Solstice Morn – The Dolmen (Winter Solstice)

9. Abbots Bromley Horn Dance – Maggie Sansone (Sounds of the Season)

10. Stag Lord & Queen – The Dolmen (Winter Solstice)

11. Holly Lord – Spiral Dance (From the Mist)

12. The Fairest Maid – MotherTongue (This Winter’s Night)

13. Solstice Song – Denise Jordan Finley (Solstice)

14. Patapan – Damh the Bard (Tales from the Crow Man)

15. Solstice Carol – Ravens (Rise with the Moon)

16. Holly & Mistletoe – The Dolmen (Winter Solstice)

17. The Wintery Queen – Gwydion Pendderwen (Songs for the Old Religion)

18. The Christians and the Pagans – Dar Williams (Many Great Companions)

19. Solstice Carol – Antiphony

20. The Holly and the Ivy – Tingstad and Rumbel (Star of Wonder)

21. Unconquered Sun – Steeleye Span (Winter)

22. Song for a Winter’s Night – Gordon Lightfoot (Gord’s Gold)

23. Ring Solstice Bells – Jethro Tull (Songs from the Wood)

24. Solstice Song – Leah Salomaa (Under a Winter Star)

25. Light is Returning – Kiva (Yuletide)

You can listen to them all on one playlist here.

Yule Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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