Frey and Freya Nightlight


This is one of the neatest crafty ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I got the idea from a craft book I picked up from the library: the Big Ass Book of Crafts.
It’s basically a nightlight with an extension cord, two cheap identical frames, some dismantled wooden clothespins, and a picture of Frey and Freya I found from an internet image search. Oh yeah, and some hot glue, tape, and a bit of craft paint to paint the clothespins to match the frame.

My version of this craft project only differs a little from the instructions in the book. The instructions in the book said to discard the glass in the second frame (or use in a different project), but instead I used it to back the image instead of using the frame back. That way, more light shines through.

Also, the instructions said to secure the nightlight so that the bulb doesn’t touch the cardboard backing, but it didn’t give details on how. I found that the best way to do this is to cut the opening in the frame back to an exact fit for the inlet end of the extension cord. (Attaching it flush with the back of the frame turned out to be more stable and space sufficient than putting the entire inlet end of the extension cord on the inside of the box.) Then I taped it in place, first with electrical tape, then with wide clear packing tape. (The electrical tape wouldn’t stick to the frame back, and I tried duct tape and it didn’t stick to any of it very well.) To further protect the back of the frame from the bulb, I turned the plastic shield of the nightlight to face it.

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