Bríde Plaque


Here is another plaque I made when I was working with salt dough a lot last year. It’s a plaque of Bríde. It turned out kind of heavy, so I put it on a plate holder and sit it on a shelf instead of hanging it on a wall. It is made of strong salt dough, which has more salt than regular salt dough and the addition of alum. The three triskele designs around the top were done with a pendant; I just pressed it into the dough. As for the silhouette of Bríde herself, I simply drew an outline onto paper, cut it out, then used it as a template over rolled out dough. The swan was made with one of those molds that are included on the lid of a can of fun dough. (I think I actually bought the fun dough because of that mold!) It’s not perfect, but it has a kind of simplicity that really appeals to me.

Happy Imbolc!


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