Formula for a Solitary Holiday Blót


A page from my family’s book of traditions…

Although family rituals are the ideal, sometimes circumstances prevent this. At times like this, you still want to honor the Old Ways and feel the connection to, and blessing of, the deities, ancestors, and holy wights- for yourself, and on your family’s behalf. This brief ritual is a simple formula made just for those times. Solitary ritual is also an opportunity for more personal prayers. Instead of using a drinking horn, you can use a 12 to 16 ounce bottled beverage for both libating and drinking from. It’s easier to pour libations from the narrow spout of a bottle than from a drinking horn or goblet, and a single serving size is a good amount for a brief solitary ritual.

  • Beginning: “I am here to worship the Holy Powers and commemorate the turning seasons of the year at the time of ________.”
  • Candle Lighting: light one to three candles on the home altar and say: “In remembrance and love, I light the sacred flame.”
  • The Call: “Hail the Æsir! Hail the Vanir! Hail the Earth, who gives to all! Hail the Ancestors and Holy Wights!” You may want to add hails to the specific deities/wights, and/or sing a deity song like “My Gods, Your Love”.
  • The Hallowing & Blessing: pass a drink over the fire. Pour some in the blótbolli and take a drink yourself. (Optional: asperge altar and yourself with drink from the blótbolli.)
  • Seasonal Prayer: adlib prayers to specific deities/wights asking for blessings of the season. You may want to add a seasonal song here, if not pressed for time.
  • Offering & Closing: pour contents of the blótbolli onto the ground or hörgr outside.    “From the Gods to the earth, to us. From us, to the earth, to the Gods. The cycle continues. The rite is ended.”


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