A Collection of Celtic Three Realms Blessings


Rhyming Invocation
Our world is made of the Sacred Three,
We invoke you Sky and Land and Sea.
We stand at the center of the Realms this night,
And may all be purified by the fire’s sacred light.
Within the cauldron of the Gods are we,
Connected and made whole by the Sacred Three.
Three Realms in Gesture
(Kneel or squat where you stand. Inhale and exhale deeply.)
We are at the center of the world.
(Exhale, move to one knee with palms on the ground before you.)
We stand firmly upon the Land.
(Inhale and rise to your feet, moving your hands behind at hip height, palms up, cupping. Exhale and move your hands in an arc until they meet in front.)
The Sea always surrounds us.
(Inhale, move your hands to the sides, spread your fingers wide, palms forward.
Exhale and raise your arms, bringing your hands together above your head,
thumb and forefinger meeting to create a triangle.)
The Sky spreads itself above us.
(Inhale, lower your hands to the heart.)
We are at the center of the Three Realms.
(Exhale and lower your hands to your sides.)
The Three Worlds (ADF)
Three Worlds symbols are passed deisil around the ring,
and each anoints themselves. Each or all say:
The primal Sea around me
The shining Sky above me
The holy Land beneath me
The Order of the Worlds stands firm
Around me and within my soul.
Eternal Three Realms
As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be
I stand at the Center- of Earth, Sky and Sea.
A Three Realms Meditation:
The Tree of Life
Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and as you let it out, imagine you are a tree sending a taproot down into the Earth… Now begin to feel the roots growing outward, spreading all around… Every time you exhale, send more and more energy down through those roots, until you feel firmly rooted to the ground…
We stand firmly upon the land.
Your roots grow deeper… Be aware of the cavernous Underworld kingdoms below you, where underground rivers seep through the unutterable darkness to their ultimate destination…
The Sea always surrounds us.
Now feel your roots absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. As you breathe in, feel this energy rising up though your roots, into your body… With each breath, the energy rises… until your entire body is filled with the energy of earth and water… Breathe deeper and let it flow out through the top of your head like a fountain of light… Feel your branches reach up and outward through the air… Become aware of your green leaves and how they turn toward the sun to receive warmth and light… Feel the energy of the light charging the chlorophyll in your leaves… Breathe in the air and life giving energy of the realm of Sky…
The Sky spreads itself above us.
We are at the center of the Three Realms.

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