Home Shrine


As part of the ADF Dedicant Program (ye olde “DP”), I’ve taken a picture of my home shrine, described it, and mentioned plans for further improvements…

Alglo-Saxon ADF Shrine

This is my home shrine, or wéofod. It is at the center of my home, at the top of a built-in bookshelf on a wall facing the north.

Sacred Center: Tree, Well, and Fire
At the center is a metal tree representing World Tree or Irminsul/Yggdrasil. The tree doubles as a candelabra and it holds three candles. This represents Sacred Fire. (The three candles also represent the Three Kindreds.) To the left of the tree is a cauldron of water representing the Sacred Well, completing the Sacred Center of Well, Tree, and Fire.

Nature Spirits
On the right side of the altar are representations of Nature Spirits; a figure holding acorns and stones, and an owl figurine that represents my son‘s spirit animal. I plan to add collections of natural objects, representing the Noble Ones, to this representation as time goes on.

On the left side of the altar is an object I made many years ago that collectively represents my ancestors. It is a dolmen with skulls and a spiral inside. To the left of this is a Matronae statue I made out of salt dough to represent my family’s Ancestral Mothers, the Idesa who watch over us, and to the left of this is a rabbit figurine which represents my mother’s spirit animal. Pictures and possessions of other specific ancestors find their way to the ancestor area of the shrine at Hallows and at other times of special commemoration. I also have a separate ancestor shrine of photos in a different part of the house.

Shining Ones
The wéohs (deity images) hanging on the wall are made of salt dough and air dried. Starting at the left; Thunor, Fréo, Ing Fréa, Hertha, Woden, Fríge, and Hama. (I have a separate shrine in my home devoted to my Celtic deity; Bríde.)
I am a very visually-oriented person, and it has helped me a great deal to have physical images of the Shining Ones, and all the Kindreds, on my home shrine. It was a spiritual experience making them, and I feel an immediate connection when I look at and touch the images.

Other Items
To the right of the Tree is a wooden bowl I use for offerings. Behind the offering bowl is my “drinking horn” I use for the Waters of Life. In the left front corner (not shown) is a little nook kind of hidden by the front piece of the bookshelf. In that nook is a little basket that holds matches, incense (recels), and a small jar of silver beads. In the far right side of the altar is a recelsfeat (incense burner), a bell, and juniper smudge stick in an abalone shell. A fold-up basic ADF-style Anglo-Saxon ritual script and a bag of runes are tucked behind the right-side hidden corner nook. On one of the lower shelves, I keep pictures of my closest Ancestors, and a drawstring bag of various dry offerings; cornmeal, oats, seeds, and also a mini-bottle of olive oil.

Plans for Future Improvements
The nature of salt dough is that it doesn’t last forever. Someday I will need to make more plaques to replace these images of the Shining Ones and other Kindreds. I plan to take classes to improve my sculpting skills. Perhaps the next ones will be made of fired clay!

*Updated 7/7/14

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  1. almost scary how your altar resembles mine! the objects just look different but same symbols / objects at the same places… :-)) Love the 3 candles in the tree representing the Kindreds! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your shrines and salt-dough art are so inspiring! I’ve come across your creations various place on the internet- Google image, Pinterest, Artisans Guild FB page but glad to have found your blog!

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