The Two Powers


Earth and Sky

In ADF Druidry, the Two Powers Meditation is a grounding and centering exercise designed to bring about spiritual balance in the individual and open one up to the primal powers of Earth and Sky. There are similarities with the Wiccan grounding and centering meditation. However, the Wiccan version most commonly works with Earth energies only.
The “Two Powers” meditation is more than what the name suggests. It might just as well be called a Well, Tree, and Fire meditation, or the Three Realms (Earth, Sea, and Sky) meditation. In each individual lies the potential of the World Tree- we are life, we are living. The Two Powers meditation serves to remind us of that.

When we send our roots down into Mother Earth, we are re-affirming our connectedness and love to and for her. She is the richness of life, the food that nourished and incubates the seed, and also the grave of us all. The Two Powers meditation doesn’t stop at reaching down into the Earth. We go deeper still to find the deep waterways, the waters of life that sustain and connect us all. It is the primordial waters, the Well of Wisdom, from which all life arose. It is the waters of the womb, the well of Mimir where Wodan’s other eye watches, and also the waters from the sea that leads to the Shining Isles of the Otherworld. It is the realm of death and the Ancestors, but also of rebirth. Deities connected with the Earth are sometimes also connected with water in some form. The Irish goddess Danu is believed by some to be an earth goddess as well as a river goddess. Some believe that Frigga took the place of an earlier earth goddess, and Frigga’s home, Fensalir, means “Fen Halls”; wetlands. The powers of  Earth and Water are primal, creative, nourishing, life-giving powers. Life would not exist without them. We draw nourishment from them up through our roots, as a babe suckles her mother. The power of Earth and Water flows through us, out the top of our heads, and back down into the Mother again, re-nourishing her, not unlike the tree that reciprocates by shedding leaves to nourish the Earth.

Though we drink from the Mother, we realize we are not mere babes, so we stretch up on our hind legs and reach our branches upward toward our fathers and mothers in the sky. We reach to the sun seeking balance and growth, for without the sun, nothing could live. The sun is a star, among countless stars, and the source of fire. The heavens are bright and wondrous, the home of the Shining Ones. It is their light and inspiration and power we draw upon when doing this meditation. The power of the Sky is pure energy and warmth. When this power is drawn down into our bodies to combine with the Earth energies, the result is the essence of magic itself, for all the powers needed to bring forth and sustain life are combined, energizing and balancing us, giving us the realization of being alive in the moment and in this world.

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