tissue paper sun faces


One fun thing to do to welcome back the Solstice sun is to make tissue paper sun faces and tape to a sunny window! Red, orange, and yellow are fun sun colors to use. For the best effect, make them in varying sizes and fill up a whole window panel. There’s no end to the designs you can come up with!

sun-colored tissue paper, cut in squares

1. Fold a sun colored square of tissue paper in half, then in half again, then in half again.

2. Cut the unfolded end into a pointed shape.Cut some designs into the edges as you would for making paper snowflakes, but concentrate your cut-outs on the outer edge and leave the inside uncut for making a sun-face.

3. To make the face, unfold paper until it’s just folded once, vertically. Cut a little triangle in the center for a nose.  Below this, cut a little curved triangle for a mouth.

4. For the eyes, (with paper still folded in half) fold the top edge over at an angle to where you want the eyes to be (that 2nd fold I’m pointing to in the picture is a good place)

5. Cut a little notch out of this fold.

tissue paper sun faces

Or you can try this more elaborate design in which a curved line forms the nose and eyebrows, with a semicircle coming out of the eyebrow for the eye. Trace out your design with a pencil and cut out.

sun face variation

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