This traditional Polish decoration is also called a porcupine ball because of it’s spikes. Make them out of silver paper to represent stars, or gold paper to represent suns.

4 inch cardboard circle or lid (to use as a template)
Foil paper (or scraps of wrapping paper)
Heavy thread & needle

1. Using the template, trace and cut out 14 paper circles. Fold one circle in half, in half again, and in half once more. Unfold the circle and place it on a stack of as many circles as you can accurately cut through. (You may want to use clothespins to keep them in place.) Cut along the fold lines, stopping about ½ inch from the center. Repeat until all the circles are cut. (in these pictures, I used gold colored wrapping paper.)

2. Form the eight segments of each circle into points by wrapping each one around the sharpened end of a pencil and securing closed with glue. I used a glue stick, but had to go back later and re-glue some with white glue because some had come loose. (If you use foil paper, gluing in place may not even be necessary.) Try to get all spikes into a tight point for the best looking results.

3. Thread a needle with an 18 inch length of thread and knot one end. Insert it through the centers of the circles; from the foil side (or right side) of the first seven, then the wrong side of the rest. Gently pull on the thread, bunching the circles into a ball. Tie a knot, then form a hanging loop from the extra thread.

Starbursts - Ozark Pagan Mamma


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