Countdown to Ēostre – Holiday Planner


February 23rd – 28th

  • Decorate home for the holiday / make crafts to decorate home.
  • Take seasonal (outdoor) pictures with family/friends.
  • Bring home foliage from above outing for crafts/decoration.

March 1st – 8th

  • Firm up ritual plans, if you haven’t already. Will you be attending a festival, local event, a family event, or doing something on your own? If you are planning the ritual, decide on location and script/liturgy.
  • Shop for basket fillers and Ēostre clothes (if needed).

March 9th – 15th

  • Prepare garden for planting or check on/seek out places to wild craft (forage).
  • Make menu plans and grocery list.

March 16th – the Equinox

  • Shop for menu items.
  • Prepare menu items.
  • Celebrate!



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