A Solitary ADF Ēostre Ritual


Although I am involved with more than one Pagan group these days, sometimes plans for a High Day ritual falls through, or never comes together at all for one reason or another. After a couple of cancellations last year, I decided to always have a solitary ritual written up just in case, not only in the event that a group observance doesn’t come together, but also, to make sure I make that personal connection to my own deities and enact the traditions that are important to me as an individual (in case the ritual I attend doesn’t happen to include those things). Also, I’m keeping record of my High Day records as part of the ADF Dedicant Program. This Ēostre ritual is from my just-in-case collection of (short but meaningful) solitary ADF rituals.
As usual, I have left out many items that are not considered “musts” according to the Core Order of Ritual. I have kept with simple wording and a basic brief format. I have a not offered to any outsiders (since the COoR doesn’t say I have to) but instead considered the hallowing part of the ritual sufficient for driving away unwanted spirits. The Saining I speak of below is a simple Scottish-inspired purification with water and juniper smoke. For the Hallowing, I carry fire around the area reciting the Anglo-Saxon Hallowing Charm. I’ve used some of my favorite ADF liturgy from their website, and some Asatru liturgy as well. You’ll notice some Ēostre ritual themes from previous years as well.

Purification: Saining & Hallowing

Ring bell to mark the beginning of ritual.

Opening Prayer: “Eartha, Earth Mother, from your dark womb springs all green and living things,
You who are the bearer of all life, I honor you this day and pray you bless and uphold
this rite of First Day of Spring. Mother of all, receive my offering!” (Give offering.)

Two Powers Meditation

Sacred Center & Opening the Gates: Make offerings to the triple hallows and say:
“By Land, Sky, and Sea, by Fire, Well, and Tree…” Make offering to the Gatekeeper.
“Hama, Let the Gates be opened!” (Envision the Gates opening.)

Calling to the Three Kindreds & Patrons of Occasion (while offering to each):
“To the Ancestors, I give offering and welcome. To the Nature Spirits, I give offering and welcome.
Hail Sunne! Herald of Spring: She who brings the warmth & the light.
Hail Eartha! Mother of Spring: She whose body is crops’ delight.
Hail Ing Fréa! Lord of Spring: He who blesses the land; its king.
Hail Fréo! Lady of Spring: She who permeates all living things.
Hail Ēostre! Flower Maiden: The embodiment of Spring.
Hail Thunor! Bringer of Rain: He who is the friend of farmers, & makes grow the grain.
Make fruitful our labors, & also our crops, that we may live & prosper!
Kindreds Three, join with me as I honor the turning of the seasons at the time of Ēostre.
May you bless and uphold this rite.”

Seed Blessing: “Now is the dark half of the year passing. Now the days grow light
and the Earth grows warm. The spirit of these seeds is summoned by the sunlight
after they have long slept in darkness. May the Shining Ones bless these seeds that are here.”
(Hold seeds up.) “Behold, they will awaken, stir and swell. Soon they will be planted in the earth,
to grow and bring forth new fruit.”

Omen: “What have the Kindreds to teach me today?”
Divine, then say: “I hear what the Kindreds have said, and am made wise by it.”

Blessing Cup: “Ancient Ones, a Child of the Earth calls out for your blessing.
Hallow these waters, O Holy Powers. Grant me the blessing I seek.
May the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Deities, Ancestors and Nature Spirits flow into this cup of blessing.”
Hold cup out with both hands and feel the energy flow into the cup.
“This cup now holds the waters of life. I drink this in the name of the Kindred.” (Drink deeply.)
“May these waters I have received flow through my body and through my spirit,
and may they pour out into the rest of my life.”

Thanking Kindreds: “I offer my thanks to the Mother of All.
I offer our thanks to the Gods, Dead and Spirits. May the Three Sacred Kins
Bring joy to all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom. To the Fire, Well and Tree, I offer my thanks.
May Wisdom, Love and Power kindle in all beings, and renew the ancient wisdom.
To the Earth, Sea, and Sky; I offer my thanks. May the ancient wisdom be renewed,
and may all beings know peace, joy and happiness in all the worlds.”

Closing: “Now by the keeper of the gates and by my magic I end what I began.
Let the fire be flame. Let the well be water. Let all be as it was before.
Let the gates be closed! I go now, a child of the Earth, in peace and blessings. The ritual is at a close.”

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  1. Thanks Tressabelle – this is really beautiful! Do you have any tips on how to successfully plan a public ritual? I would love your advice.

  2. I’m glad you like it Gemma. As far as public ritual goes, I’ve played a big part in UU Pagan rituals, but I always had a lot of help from others. Putting on a ritual for the public can be a big production. It helps to have a lot of people involved who can be counted on to do their part well, and people who know logistics and timing. That’s not much of a tip, I know. 😉 But I hope it helps.

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