serpent’s stone divination


The elegantly simple method of divination known as serpent’s stones (or awen stones) is probably not ancient, but is destined to be a classic. It is ideal as an early divination method to teach children, and as an easy method of augury for solitary or group ritual.

All that is needed are three stones and a pouch to keep them in. For the stones, select:

  • one white/light colored stone to represent all things positive and the answer “yes”
  • one red colored stone to represent yourself
  • and one black/dark colored stone to represent anything “crossing” you and the answer “no”.

To use serpent’s stones for divination, simply roll them around in your hand, with your question in mind, until it feels right to toss them out onto the ground or other surface. The stone landing closest to the red stone indicates your answer. If they are an equal distance from the red stone, then the answer is unclear or unknown, or you should try again later.

The most obvious value of the serpent’s stones is its usefulness in getting a yes or no answer. However, more detailed readings are possible through observing how the stones landed, how they interacted in the air, etc. Read Druid Divination: The Serpent’s Stone by Mark Bailey for a thorough explanation and use of the serpent’s stones, and some insights on Druidic divination methods. As with any divination tool, I recommend preparing divination tools for use by cleansing, hallowing, etc.

Three Stones
“Three stones are drawn into the light,
…one at a time as is their right
 Red for the question that burns in your mind
…setting the balance we all hope to find
 Light for the forces that help you along
…people and places that won’t do you wrong
Dark for the forces that hinder your path
…people and places inspire your wrath
Framing the question while feeling the stones
…asking for Awen from deep in your bones
Three stones are thrown into the light
…the answers gleaming in your Second Sight.”
–Mark Bailey



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  1. Thanks for that, and the link to the longer article. I have heard the AmerIndians had a tradition of sacred serpents carrying a stone (third eye?) in their heads, and in the Himalayas they also believed the same with the Naga serpents. I am going to reblog this, and thank you again.

  2. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    Tressabelle at Ozark Pagan Mamma shared this short but succinct article on the use of snake stones for divination. The longer article she refers to Druid Divination – The Serpent’s Stone by Mark Bailey is her post and covers a variety of Druid divination techniques. I know both the AmerIndians and shamans in the Himalayas had stories of sacred serpents or nagas carrying these stones in their heads, kinda like a third eye pituitary or pineal gland. I think for me the native stones with these colors i can used are stream and river smoothed white quartz, dark green feldspar, and red jasper. Enjoy!

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