magic one-sheet-of-paper mini book



A neat little trick I found in a magazine several years ago is how to make an eight page mini book from just one sheet of paper.

I really liked the idea of using this book making method for little stories or explanations of the Pagan holidays. But I wanted to make something that could be duplicated at a copy machine. I also wanted to type out the story to give it a nice clean appearance and use clip art to give it a nice crisp look to go along with the typing. So here is how I did it: I opened up the word processing program, put all margins to half inch with no headers or footers. I put it in landscape orientation and put in four equal sized columns. I could have also used eight equal-sized text boxes, instead of columns. Anyway, I quickly figured out that there was no way to print it out to use as-is, because of the thickness of the margins (if I had made the margins any thinner, the printer would have cut off the print). So, I typed up the story along with clip art to about the size each little page was going to be, printed it out, and cut and pasted the pages to a separate sheet of paper which I had already folded on the lines. (I know there is probably a better way to do it. Savvy graphics people are probably shaking their heads in disgust reading this.) Below is an illustration of how pages of a pre-made mini book are arranged. Notice how the top row of panels needs to be upside down. After pasting, I drew a line where the slit should be cut, then made copies at a copier.
When folding a pre-printed mini book, make sure the page is printed-side out in step five!
Here are a couple mini books I’ve made, ready to fold. The first one is an explanation of Samhain and the other is Sigdrifa’s prayer. I’ve made some for most of the other Pagan holidays too.


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  1. This is a great idea! My mom was raised in the hills out of Ozark AK in 1914. She showed me a lot of the things you do and introduced me to hill magic. Her father was a part time preacher and full time healer. I’ve lived as a pagan all my 70 plus years. So happy I found your blog! Going to make a little book right jnow.

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  3. Love your web site and appreciate all the work that goes into it! I was wondering if you have the Samhain magic book scanned for printing? would love to make this one ….

    • I have a printable version of a Samhain magic book coming up to post in a couple of weeks. Glad you like my blog. 🙂

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