ritual-to-go box


A couple of years ago I decided to make a portable ritual kit that I could keep in a backpack, enabling me to have a simple solitary ADF ritual on a hiking trail. Now that I’m dong more group rituals, I have found the need to have the same kind of thing, but on a larger scale. Not that we’re doing rituals on hiking trails, but the rituals are often away from my home, and I always seem to leave something behind and we end up making do without a particular item. So I decided I was going to be more organized than that. I set out looking for a box or basket, large enough to hold all the items for ritual, but also the right height, and with a flat lid,so that the top could be used as a table; an altar, or just a place to set offerings and such. Also, I needed to be able to set my offering tray in it without turning it sideways. At a thrift store, I found a garden tote that has the perfect dimensions.

ritual-to-go boxritual-to-go box contents

I didn’t include a firepot (like I did in my original ritual kit) because this kit is to be used at someone’s house (who has a firepit), a park (where we would use built-in grills), or at a campground. I also didn’t include water in this kit, because water would be readily available in most location scenarios. For short rituals, the firestarter is all that is needed for a small fire, but it’s good to keep some chunks of wood in the trunk of the car in case none can be found at the ritual site and no one brought any. I’ve painted a tree on the side of the box, to stand in as a symbol for our tree hallow if we are in a location with (gods forbid!)– no trees. The box also comes in handy for a place to stash my handbag while doing ritual. A large scarf makes a pretty good altar cloth. At the group rituals we have, we’ve been having everyone use their own goblets instead of having a communal one for the blessing cup, so I like to bring a few extras in case someone forgot theirs. The grey goblets and the small water bowl in the picture look like glass but they are plastic. It saves risk of broken glass, and makes the box lighter to carry. If the potluck dish or beverage are heavy or might leak, I would carry them separately. If the ritual is at a park or campground, I would also bring a dishpan containing plates & cutlery. As for seasonal items, I might put in little statues or plaques of our “patrons of occasion” and any materials (craft stuff) we’d be using for the “magic” or “commemoration of the occasion” portions of ritual. A checklist fastened to the inside lid makes it good-to-go!


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  1. Brilliant. I’ve got a big tote for Northern Rivers Protogrove, but it’s not nearly as organized or as nice looking! You’ve inspired me. I also really like the idea of the offering tray. Really simplifies things! We’ve got a million little bowls floating about.

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