Yule Heart


The first night of Yule is Modranecht (Mother’s Night) and is sacred to the goddesses Frigga and Freya and to the Dísir (female guardian spirits of the family). Our craft of the day is the Danish Yule Heart.
To me, the Yule Heat symbolizes the love of the Mothers woven into our lives through the generations.

To make this craft, you will need:
1 (8 1/2″ x 11″) sheet of white paper
1 (8 1/2″ x 11″) sheet of red paper
materials preparation:
Take one of the pieces of paper and lay it sideways to where the longest part is horizontal. Fold it over like a book and crease the fold well. Open it back up and fold the outer left edge to meet the center fold and crease well. Open, and do the same to the other side. Now you have the paper divided into four even sections. cut along the folds. Do the same with the other sheet of paper.

Fold each paper strip in half as shown. Lay them down with the folded edge toward you. Find a stall glass or other round template and mark a well rounded arch at the cut end of a folded paper strip. Starting at the folded end of the paper, use a ruler to figure even placement for 2 lines so that after cutting, you have 3 even strips. The lines should end about an inch from the top. Use this first one as a template for cutting the rest of the paper strips. You now have enough to make 4 Yule Hearts.
weave the heart:
1. Place the first white strip inside the first red strip.

2. Pull that same red strip down and through the inside of the next white strip. Then tuck the last white strip inside that first red strip. The first row is done! Slide that first red slit up a little.

3. Place the second red strip inside the first white strip. Tuck the second white strip inside the second red strip.
Tuck the second red strip inside the last white strip. Slide woven red strips up a bit, you’re almost done!

Tuck the first white strip in. Tuck the red strip in. Tuck the last white strip in. If you want, glue on a loop handle from the front inside center to the back inside center.

You’ll get the hang of it soon, then you won’t need the instructions. Basically, you’re just weaving inside-outside, inside-outside. You may want to try it with felt, or more intricate weaving designs.


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