Wooden Sleipnir


The second night of Yule is the night of the Wild Hunt and is sacred to Odin and Ullr.

“On this day we remind ourselves of the importance of Hearth and Home as our ancestors remind us to avoid the Wild Hunt. known as Odin’s Hunt, the Wild Ride, the Raging Host or Asgardreia. Odin, or Ullr depending on the time of the year, followed by the ghosts of the dead, would roam the skies, accompanied by furious winds, lightning and thunder, Gathering lost souls (and everyone else) that was on the path of the Hunt.” –Ravencast, Yule 2009

Our craft for the day is a wooden Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse. For this craft, you’ll need 5 craft sticks, 4 clothespins, and glue. One of the craft sticks needs to be broken in half, then one of the halves broken in half. Parents, if you score the craft stick with a knife on both sides of where you want to break it, it should snap cleanly with just a little pressure. Layer and glue the sticks as shown in the picture and let dry. Attach the clothespins as legs.

Sleipnir Yule craft

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