Yule Cornucopia Ornaments


The third night of Yule is the High Feast of Yule and is sacred to Thor and Freyr. Our craft of the day is Yule cornucopia ornaments. This old-fashioned craft symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

Making a cornucopia ornament is quite simple. All you need is a sheet of thick paper or card-stock, items to decorate it (glitter glue, markers, pictures & paste, etc.), a hole-punch, string or ribbon, scissors, and clear tape.

cornucopia steps

Starting at a corner, roll your paper into a cone shape and tape in place. Trim the top even. Now is the fun part- decorate it. Going with  the night’s theme, you could glue or draw symbols of Thor and Freyr, symbols of abundance, runes of prosperity. You can add trim to the edge, or cut a fancy border. Punch holes in the sides and loop a string or ribbon through it for hanging on your Yule tree. Fill with treats.

Yule Cornucopia

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