Vanir Treasure Box


The fourth night of Yule is sacred to Ægir, Njörðr, and Freya. Our craft of the day is a Vanir treasure box. The Vanir are a group of Norse deities associated with nature, fertility, and magic.

To make this craft, you’ll need:
1 small sturdy lidded cardboard box
white glue
variety pasta, including shells and wheels
metallic craft paint
paint brush
glitter (optional)
treasure box supplies
First decide on your design by arranging the pasta on the box lid. The shells represent gods of the sea. The wheels represent the wagons that the Vanir deities rode in to bless the land.

treasure box design

When you have your design just right, take a picture so you’ll remember how to put it that way again, and take the pasta back off. Coat the box lid with a thick, even layer of glue. Now arrange the pasta on the surface over the glue, using the picture you took as a reference. You may want to drip in more glue around pasta shapes to secure them to the surface. Let dry. You can repeat this process with the sides as well, if you like. When glue is completely dry, paint with craft paint. Sprinkle with glitter while paint is wet, if you want.

Vanir Treasure Boxes

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