Yule Community Wreath


The fifth night of Yule is sacred to community. Our craft of the day is a community themed wreath made of cinnamon apple dough.

To make this craft, you’ll need:
wax paper
rolling pin
1 medium and 1 small bowl
pizza cutter
cookie cutters: different sizes of people and hearts, house and/or sun
1 batch of cinnamon apple dough
large cookie sheet or pizza box lid
white puff paint
wide cloth ribbon

Cinnamon Apple Dough
1 cup ground cinnamon
1 cup applesauce
1/4 cup white school glue

community wreath step by step

Mix together the cinnamon apple dough ingredients in the medium bowl. Knead until smooth. Roll out the dough between two sheets of wax paper. Make sure the dough is rolled evenly and is no less than half an inch thick. Turn over medium bowl and use as template for cutting a large circle out of the dough. Use the cookie cutter to cut away the extra dough. Take the small bowl and center it in the middle of the large dough circle. Press it into the dough to cut out a small circle. Remove the dough from the inside of the circle. Now you have a wreath base. Withe the straw, pole holes near the top of each side for hanging, and one near the lower edge of the top for hanging an ornament (sun or house) in the middle of the wreath. Gather up the remaining dough and roll out again. Cut out different sizes of people and hearts and arrange around the wreath base, taking care to not cover up the holes. (The items you place on the wreath base don’t have to be as thick as the wreath base.) Take the remaining dough and roll out at least half an inch thick. Cut out a house and/or a sun. Use the straw to poke a  hole in the top of the sun and house for hanging. Cut a heart shape from the house. Draw a face on the sun. Slide the entire project (still on wax paper) onto a cookie sheet or pizza box lid and leave in a safe place to dry. (When dry, you may want to reinforce the back of the wreath by gluing on a ring of cardboard- be sure to cut out hanging holes in the right places in the cardboard.) Decorate with white puff paint. When paint is dry, loop and tie ribbon through the top holes for hanging and with another piece of ribbon, attach sun or house ornament in the middle.

Yule Community Wreath

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