Skaði Figurine


The 8th night of Yule is sacred to Skaði and Ullr. Skaði is the goddess associated with bow hunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. Ullr is the god of skiing and bow hunting as well. In honor of these two wintery deities, our craft of the day is a Skaði figurine.

(This craft is a little more complex than previous ones, and is best reserved for big kids and grown-up kids, since it requires hot glue. Snowflake crafts is another great theme for the 8th night of Yule. See 15 Snowflake Crafts for Kids.)

Skaði Figurine MaterialsTo make this craft, you’ll need:
1 (1 inch) wood bead
1 beige chenille stem
4 fluffy white chenille stems
2 red chenille stems
1 cotton ball
1 skewer
2 craft sticks
1 clothespin
black or brown paint, paintbrush
3″ X 6″ piece of felt
6 feet yellow or off-white yarn
low temp glue gun and glue
Preparing materials:
Score the skewer five inches down from the pointy end and break. This part will be Skaði’s hunting spear. Now score the skewer three inches from the bottom. Insert this part into the wooden bead with glue to secure. Use what’s left of the skewer as a “push stick” for when you need to press an item against hot glue. If you want Skaði’s skis to be curved at one end, soak the craft sticks in boiling water a few minutes, cool slightly and bend. Prop them up against something with an item weighing the other side down, so they will stay bent as they dry. Remove spring from clothespin. Paint the wood from the clothespin brown or black and let dry.

Skaði Assembly

Assembling the figurine:
1. Glue wood from clothespin together at the top in an upside down “V”. Glue the bottoms (feet) to the craft stick skis.

2. Take the wood bead on the skewer segment and glue the stick to the top of the clothespin legs.

3. Dab a dot of hot glue to the back of one of the feet and wrap a fluffy white chenille stem around the clothespin foot to form the foot part of a snow boot. Wind in smaller circles and a little up the leg. Secure with a dot of hot glue, if necessary. Repeat with other clothespin foot.

4. Glue cotton ball to the chest/shoulders area, where the clothespins come to a point. Above this, center the beige chenille stem and twist around the neck in the back. On one side, fold the stem to where the end almost touches the neck. Twist to form an arm, leaving a loop at the end for a hand. Repeat for the other arm.

5. Cut 2 half inch wide strips from the long edge of the felt. Glue the end of one to a shoulder and spiral down the arm, overlapping as you go. Glue secure at the wrist. Repeat with the other arm and other strip of felt.

6. Fold the remaining felt in half. From the folded edge, measure over and mark half an inch from the right side and a half inch from the left. Measure a half inch down from those marks. Join at the bottom with a line connecting the two. Cut out the square. Now you have Skaði’s dress. Slip dress over head and secure with a red chenille stem as a belt.

7. Coil the other red chenille stem in a tight spiral. This is Skaði’s hat. Coil the yarn around three of your fingers and cut at the bottom. Glue yarn in hat and glue hat to head.

8. Wrap a fluffy white chenille stem around her neck as a collar. Wrap 1/4 of a fluffy white chenille stem around each wrist as cuffs. Secure with glue as needed. Place skewer spear in Skaði’s hand and she’s ready to hunt!

Try making an Ullr figurine using the same method; shorten the dress to make it a tunic and glue the yarn to Ullr’s face for a beard. Vary the colors of the materials as you wish. To further accessorize your figurine, check out How to Make a Mini Bow and Arrows.

Skaði Figurine

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