Odin the Wanderer Craft


The ninth night of Yule is sacred to Odin, and so our craft for the day is Odin the Wanderer. This simple craft can be made almost entirely out of scrap materials. Heathen/Pagan kids of all ages will enjoy making them for their altar or for decoration.

“And so Odin, no longer riding on Sleipnir, his eight-legged steed; no longer wearing his golden armor and his eagle-helmet, and without even his spear in his hand, traveled through Midgard, the World of Men, and made his way toward Jötunheim, the Realm of the Giants.”
— The Children of Odin by Padraic Colum

You’ll need:
scrap cardboard or card-stock
cotton balls or batting
cardboard tube (from toilet paper or paper towel roll)
a stick
blue paint & paintbrush
black marker

Paint the cardboard tube with the blue paint and let dry. Cut a circle out of the cardboard or card-stock and cut a hole in the middle large enough to fit over the cardboard tube. This will be the hat brim. Paint both sides with the blue paint. Let dry. Position it over the top of the tube and glue in place. Cut a circle out of cardboard or card stock, and on it, draw a face, with a slit or patch for one of the eyes. Glue it in place on the cardboard tube under the hat brim. Glue on cotton balls or batting for the beard. Glue the stick to his side for a staff. If you like, add details by drawing or painting arms on the sides, and some stars on his cloak.

Odin the Wanderer craft

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