Sun Crafts


The 10th night of Yule is sacred to Sunna and the Ancestors. For our craft of the day, we’ll be visiting the archives for the ghosts of sun crafts past.

There are three paper sun crafts that require few materials…

Paper Sun Crafts

Starbursts take time and patience, but the result is rewarding.

Tissue paper sun faces can be simple or intricate, depending on the tastes and skill of the artist.

Sunbursts are fun to make for all ages.

If you would rather work with dough, try making sun medallions like we did for the Summer Solstice. Poke a hole in the top before drying and you have an ornament for hanging on your Yule tree.
salt dough suns
Remember the community-themed wreath we made for the fifth night of yule? What if the people on it represented the Ancestors instead?

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